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What You Get From the Program:
Tool #1: Real-time Budget, Savings, Goals, and Net-Worth Tracker
Manage your finances and build your wealth in real time with The MindRight Money Management financial planning and budgeting app. It will help you track your spending, savings, and tell you where you stand with all of your financial goals.
Tool #2: A Step by Step Wealth Building + Debt Elimination Plan
Gain access to the MindRight™ Legacy Builders 12-Step Program that will teach you how to better manage your money, how to change your money mindset, how to elimate debt, build wealth and protect your assets. You also learn how to start and manage your side-hustle
Tool #3: Weekly Live Classes + Accountability Partners
Enjoy Exclusive content from home by watching our weekly live money classes with live-stream access to our nationwide events. Get all of your tough questions answered and connect with like minds in our online community
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ONE TIME OFFER ($29.99): With your purchase of the MindRight Legacy™ Builders Program you get a FREE download of our Tool Kit which includes The best-selling books Mind Right, Money Right: 10 Laws of Financial Freedom, Mind Right, Life Right: Manifesting Dreams Through the Laws of the Universe, The 21 Day Mind Right, Money Right Challenge, and The MindRight Legacy™ Building Workbook. If you would like to get a hardcopy of this Tool Kit click the box above to receive all for a low cost of $29.99. Please be advised that separately this would cost $79.99 and this instant discount will not be offered anywhere else.

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